Suggested Search Now in the Market, Well if You Have FroYo

One thing we have all wished for in the Android Market is suggested search. Having the Market anticipate what you are looking for not only makes searching easier, but also helps find apps you may not have realized were there. Also if you misspell the name it will do it's best to provide correct suggestions.

From, "We just received a tip from reader Rob, who first noticed this happen a short while ago. When searching for "himerun," all of the apps with "home" or "run" were offered as suggestions. The same happened when "Twotter" yielded suggestions for Twitter."

So far it is only happening on Nexus Ones running FroYo. Nothing on 2.1 at the time. Maybe Google will get an update for the market together for Older versions of the OS and give everyone this feature. And again the Nexus gets the love first.

While some may think this isn't real news, for android users this is something that has been desperately needed for some time. For too long they have required exact searches, which rarely work out. There is no reason it should have taken Google, the world's search giant, this long to get decent search available for Android. Sorry Google Apple has you beat here, but maybe this will change soon this is a step in the right direction. Now we need search suggestions as we type, not the weak previous searches you currently give us.

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