Some Things You Should Know About Google TV


Google spawned more questions than it provided answers with its introduction of Google TV May 20 at Google I/O. The initial demo was a two-hour plus affair fraught with technical difficulties mostly as a result of dodgy Internet access. Since then, much more has come to light thanks to the FAQ sections for consumers and developers buried in the Google TV landing Web page. eWEEK highlights the important details in this slide show.

  • No Download Necessary
  • The Google TV Box is made by Logitech
  • Some TVs won't need a box, the technology is built in
  • It will use chrome
  • Devs will be a big part
  • no apps til 2011
  • No Market available at launch
  • If you have a phone, you can use those apps on tv

Google TV will rock, but like most things, its not going to be perfect at launch, I for one am excited though!