Sky Force, Retro Shooting At It's Best: Android Game App Review

App Name: Sky Force by Infinite Dreams

Description: Sky Force  is an ultimate classic arcade shooter, with 3d interactive objects, outstanding graphics, special effects, soundtrack and 100% of pure gameplay. See how to push the limits of your mobile to the maximum. 7 amazingly pixeled levels, tons of enemies to shoot and good old Earth to save. The game is based on hybrid 2D/3D graphics, ideally suited for mobile segment. 2D backgrounds are mixed with fully textured 3D objects. The game includes 7 stages each one is ended with big boss.

How it works:  Like many vertical scrolling shoot em ups the objective is clear and that is to shoot up whatever enemy is on your screen, get some power ups and try your very best to stay alive. Sky force brings back many memories in that it keeps the very essence of retro gaming alive. When the main menu loads your options are: start game, high scores, options, credits and help. The "start game" option is the game itself where you get three difficulty modes (easy, medium and hard). Sky force contains eight stages and three planes to choose from. The "high scores" displays the latest scores. The options menu has a language option (english, czech, french, german, italian, portuguese polish and spanish). You can also adjust your vibration, sound and controls. The "credits" pays homage to the makers of the game and "help" shows you the icons you need to be aware of when you are in the game. Once you choose you jet fighter you will go right into the game. The Jet fighter automatically shoots for you and the only thing that you do is move the plane towards the enemies.

Opinion:  If you're familiar with   then you will be right at home with this title. I was very skeptical when I first loaded it but what I realized very quickly was that this mobile shooter kept the very essence of what is considered retro today. It has an awesome 8 bit soundtrack to go along with the smooth touchscreen game play which can be calibrated. A fair warning though, this game is very addictive and I would not suggest that you load it up during a meeting.


  • Speed (4/5) -  smooth and responsive touchscreen for game play.
  • Features (4/5) -  enough bells and whistles to keep you going.
  • Theme (4/5) - retro and still mainstream.
  • Overall (4/5) - an addictive arcade style shooter that you will play over and over again.

Pro: 8 bit retro music.

Cons: Lacks continue option.

Conclusion: This is a great retro game with a very addictive game play.

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