ShapeWriter Taken off the Market

shapewriter hands

It’s no secret that the stock android keyboard leaves much to be desired. Users of android based phones were quick to seek out a third party keyboard shortly after typing a few lines on their smart phone. ShapeWriter was one of the first and most popular but alas the app can no longer be downloaded from the Market as of June 20th. If you have purchased shape writer you should update your software to version 3.0.9 to avoid having the app expire. For those of you who must have your finger glued to your phone to type, there are alternatives. Swype is the most notable, it is in beta release and should be available on the Market very soon unless you were one of the lucky few who installed it last week when they offered a limited time only download. Swype will also be pre-installed on the new Droid X to be release this coming week.