Screen Suite Lock Screen, Alternate Way To Unlock Your Phone : Android App Review

App Name: Screen Suite Lock Screen by Apps Beyond

Description: Screen Suite is a collection of screen utilities for your Android phone. These utilities consist of:

  • Android lock screen app. Most popular feature in Screen Suite. Includes a contact card in case your phone is lost or in an emergency, a digital date and time widget, and a battery indicator showing health and charge levels. Has several configuration options including the ability to auto-lock your phone screen during calls. Solves the proximity sensor issues on the Motorola Droid or lack of a proximity sensor on some HTC and Samsung phones. Great personalization options for any Android phone. Change or remove the lock background, and show your Android pride by switching the default iPhone-style lock for an Android Bot character lock
  • Toggle phone secure unlock pattern button to turn secure unlock pattern on and off
  • Stay Awake/Keep Screen On feature that prevents your phone from going to sleep. Configure preferences to turn this feature on automatically while running selected apps. Includes battery saver feature that allows phone screen to dim while staying on. Also stops if battery goes low
  • Flashlight for use in dark settings
  • Moodlight that rotates through colors in a soothing pattern

All utilities are fully customizable with a multitude of configuration options to suit your intended purpose.

How it works: Screen Suite's  apps are designed to get more out of your Android phone, all while making it more personalized and maybe a bit more functional. Most important is the slider replacement that unlocks your screen. You can choose two different sliders, an iPhone (why?) or a custom Android slider with two current options, a space ship or a car.

Screen Suite is easy to customize, just flick open the taskbar, press on the Screen Suite  icon and you're at the main screen, which controls the screen lock, pattern unlock, flashlight, mood light and which screen awake you want - battery saver or not. This main screen also has setting, information and close buttons.

Under setting you will find all of the different options and customizations available, including toggles for everything from vibration on notifications to emergency contact info and whether to display toggles for the clack and battery on the lock screen.

It's a whole lot of fluff, but that fluff is what makes your phone yours and what sets us Android fanatics apart from Apple and Microsoft fans, if there are any MS fans out there right now.

Opinion: Screen Suite gives you some cool customization options for you Android phone all in one place. It also gives you a leg up on the Apple crowd by giving you more than one option for an unlock slider. Pretty cool!

Other than the slider and the mood light, the other functions of Screen Suite are easily used within Android, or with other, more usable apps, like DroidLight for the Motorola Droid, which toggles the Droid's LEDs on and off.

What Screen Suite does not give is complete control over any of the functions it "replaces", leaving it one step short of a true user interface customization.

Ratings :

  • Speed (4/5) -   All functions ran fast and changing settings was fast and easy.
  • Features (2/5) - Screen Suite has features similar to other apps, all rolled together. The most functional is the changeable slider, but with only two choices and two settings, for now.
  • Theme (3/5) - Kooky and customizable. The best part? The little Android in the little car!!!
  • Overall (3/5) - Screen Suite puts a whole lot of functions into one customizable app that will make your friends jealous with the customizable slider and other fun features.

Pros: Fun and useful, cool sliders, many different functions all in one app.

Cons: Duplicates some functions are part of the standard Android experience, overlays existing functions rather than completely replace them, Hung up a few times on my Droid (had to lock the screen and then attempt the unlock).

Conclusion: While Screen Suite is a neat little app, having to pay for an app that is not always completely functional is never a good thing. It would be nice to see Screen Suite as a replacement rather than another layer which duplicates other Android functions.

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