Samsung Behold II to get Android 1.6 on June 28th

June 14, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

Android updates for T-Mobile’s Samsung Behold II have been a bit of a touchy topic for a while.  We’re sure you guys are caught up on all the drama, so we’ll just cut to the point.  Rumors are flying around that the Samsung Behold II will be getting an Android 1.6 downgrade update, starting on June 28th.

A jump to Android 1.6 does not sound too exciting when many current Android users have just been upgraded to 2.1 and are looking to possible Android 2.2 updates in the near future.  But Android 1.6 is still a great improvement over the current Android 1.5 build on the Behold II.  Users will be able to enjoy the updated Android Market, Google Maps Navigation, Quick Search, improved camera, camcorder, gallery, and the integration of text-to-speech.

Samsung Behold II owners looking for Android 2.1 should consider the Galaxy S or T-Mobile’s myTouch Slide (rumored to be getting android 2.2 soon), but everyone else will most likely enjoy the new features that Android 1.6 has to offer.