Rush Hour: Give Your Brain a Workout! – Android Game Review


App Name: Rush Hour

Description: Your goal is simple: get the Red Car out the Exit Gate by moving the Blocking Cars and Trucks out of the way. The puzzle features 2500 brand new challenges and adds bonus features including Hints and Auto-Solve! Plus, players are challenged to solve the puzzle in the fewest possible spaces… a serious mental workout!

How it works: This game is based off of the original puzzle game. There are a group of cars, and your goal is to get the red car out by moving the other cars around. This can be very fun, but other times, it can be extremely frustrating.


Opinion: It's a very fun and easy game to play with tons of levels. I love picking this up every now and then and just playing it for a little while. The levels seem to be in a strange order. While they are in order by difficulty, some are extremely easy, while the level before that was much more difficult.


  • easy to play
  • many levels
  • decent price ($1.99)
  • fun to play


  • graphics are a bit dull
  • not much variety

Conclusion: This is an overall fun game to play if you are a puzzle fan. If you aren't, however, you might be a bit bored due to the lack of more detailed visuals, as well as the repetitive gameplay.