ROM: N-Xtreme v1.0 cm5.0.8 based


mekaziah has released an update to N-Xtreme v1.0 cm5.0.8 based (06/21/2010).Now at version v1.0.


–- 1.0
* Custom N-Xtreme wallpaper
* Wifi hotspot feature added with wifi tether
* TubeDroid app included
* CacheCleaner app included
* MyTouchMusic app included
* MySettings app included
* AccuWeather Widget included
* Dialer One T9 app included
* Linda File Manager app included
* Video player app included
* CPU optimized to 1.113ghz (does not need SetCPU)
* latest pershoot`s oc/uv kernel included
* 32mb compcache enabled
* Renice script included
* Default Icons from Desire included
* Customized, compressed, and completed ExperioNexus theme
* ExperioNexus Theme by jmotyka07
* Common: Resync with Google as of 06/08/2010
* Common: Kernel 2.6.34 for N1
* Common: ADWLauncher 0.8.6 by Ander Webbs is now the default launcher (
* Common: Complete music app overhaul (with gestures support) by Eliot Stocker (
* Common: Customizable silent mode – Glenn Maynard (
* Common: More customizable colors for various parts of the system (in Spare Parts) – Wysie & Bcrook
* Common: Updated translations from Eug89, ThiasB, and Takuo Kitame
* Common: Wired headset hangup/mute control – Krazy Krivda (
* Common: Updated USB tether and Bluetooth PAN tethering – Stefan Tomanek (
* Common: Bluetooth DUN tether support (Omni-Tether) – Stefan Tomanek (
* Common: Various minor bugfixes
* Common: Ability to load custom color theme xml – Wysie
* Common: Various code cleanups all throughout the source – Christian Mehlmauer
* Common: Fix issue where notifications would play thru the HW speaker even if a headset was connected – Glenn Maynard
* Common: Only load IPV6 if is set – Glenn Maynard
* Common: Enabled experimental Bluetooth voice dialing – copolii
* Common: Fix an NPE in AccountManagerService
* Common: Fix FLAC decoder lock contention – Glenn Maynard
* Common: Fix BlueZ logging – Glenn Maynard
* Common: Fix A2DP not connecting while asleep – Glenn Maynard
* Common: Fix BT control connection race condition (caused A2DP connection failures) – Glenn Maynard
* Common: Fix the "magic music" or "party-in-your-pocket" problem for good – Glenn Maynard
* Common: ADW Launcher settings and Spare Parts are now under the main Settings app – Mehdi ABAAKOUK (
* Common: Fix brightness going out of range – Glenn Maynard
* Common: Fix parsing of SMS messages from short numbers – Glenn Maynard
* Common: Improve BiDi text rendering – Dudy Kohen
* Common: Fix WindowManagerService issue that could cause apps to get OOM killed out of order
* Common: Busybox updated to 1.16.2 – Dylan Simon
* Droid: New kernel with Compcache support. (Bekit)
* N1: Debounce power button (Arve @ Google)
* N1: Target new radio version (FRF50)
* N1: Wireless driver update from Broadcom
* N1: Use Froyo RIL and dormancy settings
* N1: 720p video recording support from Charansingh & Wysie


Head over to mekaziah's AndroidSPIN Developer Homepage for more information and downloads.