Rogers Canada Motorola Quench Review



Today we get to look at the latest offering from Rogers Canada Motorola quench, this is part of Motorola's blur android series smartphones.



This is what they call candy bar style of phone it has a nice black hard plastic finish and are rigid backing so it does not slide around.  Its dimensions are 4.59x 2.34x 0.48 inches and weighs in at total of 124 Grams.  This phone feels very lightweight in your hand and feels very comfortable in your hands for long conversations.  It has a nice chrome bezel that has up and down volume on it and the power button, camera button and power button.  It also has four buttons on the front, home screen, back button, search button and lock screen button.  It also comes with the center navigation pad that is touch sensitive and is very easy to navigate through the phone with.  Over all this is a very nice looking phone it is not flashy at all but not ugly phone is suited for any type of user.



Phone is powered by a Qualcomm processor MSM 7201a that runs at 520 MHz and comes with 256 MB Ram internal.  It has micro USB and wifi 802.11 B/G and equipped with blue to 2.0 and a 3.5 MM headphones connector.  While the phone may not have the latest processor it does run fairly smooth and will allow you to run multiple applications at one's without too much lag.


A touch screen is 3.10 inches TFT 65536 colors and a resolution 320×480 pixels.  A touch screen is not overly sensitive and makes first move scrolling through pages and menu selections.  The screen is display is actually very good on this device compared to others in the Motoblur series.  We compared this phone next to the backflip and for some reason it colors were much more vibrant on the Motorola Quench.



Battery for this phone is a LI – ION 1420mAh that is rated for a talk time of 270mins and stand by time of 500 hours.  The battery life of this phone seemed a little below average but on par the rest of the phones in the Motoblur series.

Operating System


This phone comes with 1.5 android operating system which is a disappointment because right now most phones are running android 2.1 operating system.  Androids latest operating system is 2.2 which has not been released as of yet but will be very shortly.  Running android 1.5 does have some disadvantages in features but most average smart phone users will not notice the difference.  Android enthusiasts probably want a model with an updated android operating system.  The phone should be up dated to the 2.1 operating system this fall there's no word yet when it will receive 2.2 operating system.


Motorola has created a unique software user interface called Motoblur.  Motoblur is designed around keeping the user in touch with social and networking.  It does this by allowing the user to an all of his social networking accounts to the Smartphone so it can sync up with all of them.  The phone comes with Motoblur widgets on the home screen that displays all of your social Media Networks.  The Motoblur Software streams all the latest conversations from your friends from twitter and facebook right to your home screen so you can have updates and real time.  It also delivers your text messages and emails right the home screen on the widgets and there's no need to search around for information it's all at your fingertips.  But your Motoblur account you could also go online if you lose your phone and track its last known position via GPS.  For someone who loves to use social media this phone is great it's all about being connected getting your information to you fast.  Keeping up to date friends in message is has never been easier.



As we just said it comes with the Motoblur applications to stay connected with your social media so there's no additional applications required once you've signed into your Motoblur account.  Comes with your standard applications available from google calculator, calendar ,clock, email, picture gallery, Gmail, google maps, music, youtube, Rogers myaccount, Rogers ring tones and also has swiped keyboard available use gestures instead of typing, it also comes with shazam to tag and organize your music.  The best part of any android device of course is the android market where you can search download and install any type of application you can dream of.



It has a touch keyboard that appears on the screen when opening functions that require typing.  One thing that Motorola has always impressed me with their series of Android cell phones has been the accuracy of their keyboards some smart phones do not always have very accurate keyboards.This phone does have a very great keyboard that is fairly accurate.

Web Browsing Camera and Video

Web browsing is normal for 3G and of course be a little faster on the wifi.  The camera is a 5mp that you can take pictures and as well capture video with.  It has a average picture quality that will take care of your basic needs and more.


Call Quality

Call quality on this phone is average I found it to be a little low but I've have been known to be a part of hearing ,atleast so my girlfriends says.


  • · Social media integration
  • · Good quality finish
  • · Lightweight phone
  • · Keyboard


  • · Lack of latest operating system
  • · No multi-touch
  • · Average processor
  • · laggy

Conclusions and Final thoughts

The Rogers Motorola quench is my favourite Motorola phone from the Motorola blur series so far.  It is a nice lightweight phone that has a simple but stylish look to it.  It really will appeal to users that spend a lot of time using social media and texting their friends.  Keeps you connected more than any other Smartphone on the market due to its Motoblur Software.  If you are new to android or want an easy to use smart phone this will be a great phone for you.  All android phones come with tons of customization options thanks to the open source software and the android market.  Seasoned smart phone users and android enthusiasts will probably want something a little more fancier don't let this statement change your mind about this phone as it has more options than you may never use.  The phone is available online and at your nearest roger store for as low as $49.99 on select three year plans.