Ringdroid – Make your own Android ringtones : Android App Review


App Name: Ringdroid by Ringdroid Team

Description: Create your own ringtone by editing a music track in your library, or record a new one directly from the phone.

How it works: Ringdroid is a simple app in design. No fancy splash screen and not a lot of options. But it doesn't really need much else but just making ringtones.

Once you open the app it shows a list of any sound media you have on your SD card.  Once you select a song or sound (because this works for any ringtone even notifications) you will have an editing screen that shows a sound wave graph so you can know high and low points.  You will have two tabs to either side for the start and end points of the portion of your selection you want to use.  It allows you to zoom in and out of the graph so you can fix the tab as close as possible to a certain spot. It shows how many seconds your portion you selected, so you an have an idea if it might be too long or short. Then you can listen to it and tweak the tabs as needed.  Once you have it fine tuned, you can save your selection right to your phone.  It will prompt you if you want it as the default ringtone. The app also gives you the option to record something you can use and turn into a ringtone too.

Opinion: This is one of my favorite apps.  I have had this app since day one of having my phone.  It is a great addition and I think should be one of the default apps for any Android phones.

Ratings :

  • Speed (5/5) –   App pulls up and shows your audio files very quickly.  The tabs don't have any lag when moving from one part to another of your selection.
  • Features (5/5) –  Only the features you really need to make ringtones.
  • Theme (4/5) – Basic theme but works smoothly within the app.
  • Overall (5/5) – There is really no other app out there that compares to this app for making ringtones.


  • Able to edit any audio file (even ringtones you download from other apps like Zedge.)
  • It's totally free.
  • You can record your own sounds, etc for a ringtone.


  • I haven't found anything yet.

Conclusion: Jump on the market and grab this app (if you haven't already.)  You will love how you can customize one of the most integral parts of your phone into a conversation piece whenever your phone rings.