Release: Bugless Beast Froyo V0.1


So you have been waiting for Froyo on your droid? Nexus has had it a while, you just sat back and waited, and waited, and then tweeted about waiting, well it finally came with a decently stable release candidate and then the magic started to happen, people made new kernels, modified it and hooked it up with ALL the goodies, Pete is one of those that did just that, he has released his Froyo Beast V0.1. Now mind you, this isn't just something you can load to the phone like an! It will require Rom Manager and/or clockwork mod!

AndroidHeadlines CAN NOT be blamed if something goes wrong, this can be dangerous but if directions are followed correctly, nothing should happen. Be safe, read EVERY STEP!


*Rooted users only.  Still not rooted?  Follow our full guide here.

This is not in ROM Manager yet, but should be soon.

Update: Believe it is now!


Download: (alt link)  (alt link2)  (alt link3)


1.  Download Bugless Beast Froyo V0.1 from one of the links above to your SD Card.
2.  Open ROM Manager and choose "Install ROM from SD Card."
3.  Navigate to the folder that has the BB Froyo file you just downloaded and tap on it.
4.  Probably a good idea to check the box to make a backup.
5.  It's up to you if you want to check the box to "wipe data and cache."


I came from FRF57 Froyo and this new BB installed just fine.  However, if you run into issues, flash your backup, re-install BB with at least one wipe.

6.  Allow your phone to boot into recovery, work some magic and BAM!  Done!

Full support thread and Pete's donate link here.


-Base FRF57 (credit to Google)
-Fully Zipaligned System (credit to Pete)
-Fully Deodexed System (credit to Pete)
-Chrome To Phone App (credit to Google)
-Native Flash Player (credit to Adobe)
-Milestone Video Player App (credit to Pete)
-Native Sound Recorder App (credit to Pete)
-Native Usable Quick Office App (credit to Pete)
-Spare Parts App (modded by Pete)
-Neural Network Live Wallpaper with Google Colors (credit to Pete)
-Huge Library of System Audio (credit to Pete) *All 2.0 & 2.1 Sounds*
-Longer Duration Between Wifi Scans Tweak *Battery Saver* (credit to Pete)
-Version Information In Settings > About Phone (credit to Pete)
-SuperUser App V2.1 w/ new UI (credit to ChainsDD)
-Ads blocked by default in apps & browser (credit to Pete)
-Eliminated the need for SetCPU, AutoKiller, AdFree, TaskManagers, etc. (credit to Pete)
-Camera Sounds Silenced by default *shutter & video recording* (credit to Pete)
-Nearly 100MB free at boot (credit to Pete)
-Over 50MB of free memory at all times (credit to Pete)
-Busybox & Toolbox commands installed at boot (thanks Koush)
-No longer need to "EnableScripts" (credit to Pete)
-Backup/Delete Apps Using Astro & godmode
-Percentage in Battery Icon (images by xeudoxus)
-Less CPU Intensive LWPs (idea by ChevyNo1 & ReverendYo)

I have used petes beasts before, they are solid roms and the dude really takes his time so this should be NO different, he adds great features, seen above and removes some things that many people rarely use and they can easily be added back via the market.

Check these features out, they are called scripts and do a lot


OPTIONAL Scripts: (credit to Pete)
*Note: If you install anything not in my OP you will get permission denied errors!*

All the scripts now have error checking and reporting!

  • blockads (blocks adds in apps & browser)
  • cpuinfo (shows cpu info)
  • droidboot (installs my custom boot animation *Decreases boot time*)
  • fixperm (use if script permissions are faulty)
  • godmode (allows viewing and editing of all files on phone using any file viewer)
  • poweroff (shuts phone down)
  • rmbrowser (removes Browser App)
  • rmcalc (removes Calculator App)
  • rmcarhome (removes Car Home App)
  • rmcorpcal (removes Corporate Callendar App)
  • rmctp (removes Chrome To Phone App)
  • rmemail (removes Email App)
  • rmgenie (removes News & Weather App)
  • rmlwps (removes live wallpapers *Still allows use of market lwps*)
  • rmmms (removes Messaging App)
  • rmmp3 (removes AmazonMP3 App)
  • rmquickoffice (removes Quick Office App)
  • rmspareparts (removes Spare Parts App)
  • rmtips (removes Home Screen Tips Widget)
  • sdint (disables usb mass storage)
  • sdext (enables usb mass storage)
  • showads (allows ads to show in aps & browser)
  • soundoff (disables camera shutter sound & video recording sound)
  • soundon (enables camera shutter sound & video recording sound)
  • switchboot (installs boot animations for you)
  • switchclocks (switches 2.1 clock with 2.0 clock)
  • switchemail (switches the email app with another email app)
  • switchlwp (switches the color of the livewallpapers)
  • switchmms (switches the mms app with another mms app)
  • switchmusic (switches 2.1 Music App with Milestone Music App)
  • sysro (mounts system read only) thanks ChevyNo1
  • sysrw (mounts system read write) thanks ChevyNo1
  • zipalign_apks (will zipalign every apk on your phone) *Be Careful Using* (3,900kb) downloaded 321 time(s).

Adobe Flash Player 10.1_10.1.61.68.apk (4,294kb) downloaded 687 time(s).

Advertisement (10,015kb) downloaded 213 time(s).

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