Raging Thunder 2, Take it to the Streets : Android Game App Review

Let me just start out by saying Raging Thunder 2 is awesome. This game is the sequel to Raging Thunder, which was a racing game made for first gen Android phones. Raging Thunder 2 returns with OpenGL 2.0 graphics and a variety of game modes, including online multiplayer.

App Name: Raging Thunder 2

Description: Buckle up Take on the most adrenaline pumping 3D street racer ever on a handheld platform. Raging Thunder 2 features stunning console quality graphics.

How it Works: Raging Thunder 2 contains a variety of different game modes and control types. This is a 3D racing game. You can control whether or not your car auto accelerates, uses accelerometer controls, and auto boosts. The game modes include multiplayer, time attack, survival, career, instant race, single race, and arcade.

Opinion: I myself am not a big fan of racing games, yet I love Raging Thunder 2. The controls are simple and intuitive, the gameplay is smooth, and there are a variety of game modes to choose from. The ability to buy and upgrade your cars is also a great addition. This makes the game feel much more in-depth and solid. While the price is a little bit high at $5.95, it's well worth it. I recommend you take a look at the gameplay below and try the game for yourself.


  • Crisp 3D graphics
  • Easy to use controls
  • Variety of game modes
  • Different control options
  • Multiplayer


  • Very few matches on online multiplayer
  • Tracks can get repetitive

Conclusion: Raging Thunder 2 is a phenomenal racing game for everyone to enjoy. The simple controls and beautiful 3D graphics make this one a keeper. Although the online multiplayer isn't perfect, the variety of different game modes and tracks make up for it.

Notice: Raging Thunder 2 can and should only be played on newer Android devices. Eg: Nexus One, Droid, Droid Incredible, EVO, etc.

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