Quickdesk Beta: Innovative way to access Widgets

June 21, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

From the developer behind Helix Launcher, comes a new innovative way to access some of your home widgets. Have you ever found yourself using an app and realized you forgot to put your WiFi on or off, but don’t want to leave the app you’re in? Well Quickdesk does exactly that. A quick double tap on the menu key will bring up your preconfigured desktop.

When you first boot up the app it will walk you through a quick tutorial and remind you that it is not a home replacement app. Quickdesk is actually meant to work alongside any home replacement you have set. Once you go through the tutorial you can open it up and configure what widgets and shortcuts you want to appear on the screen. After that you’re set. Double tap the menu key and quickly check the weather, news or change your WiFi, GPS etc.

The app is currently in its beta phase, so expect issues. If this sounds like something you’ve been waiting for, head on over to the market and grab the free download.