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App Name: GOALS ToDo by Refocused Code Sales

Description: GOALS is a personal task management application created exclusively for the Android platform. GOALS covers a flexible to-do list, acting by context, next actions, projects, project categories, an inbox and much, much more. GOALS integrates firmly with Android, employing Google Maps, Calendar, Contacts, Messaging and Notifications. GOALS frees your mind from remembering the things that need to get done.

GOALS thoroughly implements David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology. Unlike most other applications, GOALS is a non-compromise implementation of GTD. GOALS lets you define your goals and reach them by performing actions in your everyday life. GOALS can also be used as a flexible to-do list, without GTD or with just parts of it. Use GOALS the way it works best for you.

GOALS is powerful, yet easy to learn. GOALS is unique since it covers a number of concepts not to be found elsewhere, as outlined in these screenshots. GOALS is continually tested and improved. Data is safe thanks to backup/restore functions.

How it works: GOALS ToDo list is a highly functional, customizable app for Android devices that can help you organize every aspect of your life, including work and play, by coordinating all of your activities, wants and projects in one place.
Starting with the dashboard, you can plan, prepare, act and review all of your "to do" items with the ease that Android allows.

GOALS also syncs with Google Calendar, to keep your ToDo list matched with your calendar, and with every calendar you sync with, like your spouse or kids. The only drawback is that the month of the calendar event is not apparent, so you have to press on the even to see what month and time, unless you are good at counting days and have a keen eye on what the date is as GOALS tells you how many days until each event.

Add to the already stellar  functionality the ability to add multiple tasks, with beginning and ending dates, and you have the makings of a very powerful and promising app to help keep you on target and on task to get anything accomplished, by your or your team.

Opinion: GOALS ToDo is a powerhouse of an app, with many great features and syncing capability. Basically, GOALS is the Android/21st Century version of the Franklin/Covey Day Planner, with the planning and implementation system built in.

Like Franklin/Covey, you get a way to keep your hectic life organized, with software rather than the ubiquitous Day Planner book, and the system to help you get there and through the GTD system.

Make sure you take the time to go through the tutorials, to get the most benefit out of GOALS. Even though it is pretty self evident, the tutorials give you more insight in how to effectively use GOALS and a more reasonable degree of expectation.

Like any organizational program, whether paper or silicon based, GOALS is limited by one thing, and one thing only, how committed the user is to the program. Put in the time and effort to organize your life and stay organized and GOALS will be worth every penny.

Ratings :

  • Speed (4/5) - Transitions are quick, setting up new tasks, to dos and projects is simple and updating all of those tasks and projects is even quicker and very painless.
  • Features (4/5) - Too many to add here, including syncing with Google Calendar, multiple projects and databases, and on and on!
  • Theme (2/5) - There is no way to change the colors or layout other than a few tweaks, but you don't need to change much as GOALS looks good and has a functional layout.
  • Overall (3/5) - GOALS ToDo is a powerful tool, if you take the time to discover all it has to offer and how to implement all of that planning goodness. It is easy to learn, but the learning curve is steeper than most. But keep at it and you won't be disappointed.

Pro: Get organized using your Android phone; master the GTD system to get all of your projects completed; added bonus: sync with Google Calendar!

Cons: Lots to learn to make it all work together; possible information overload with full dashboard, if you're not ready to make the commitment; over $12 (US) for full version

Conclusion: GOALS ToDo is a powerful, feature-packed organizational program which, once you get the hang of it, offers a great chance for you to accomplish the tasks in life you need to, at the pace you want and with your Android phone by your side. By offering syncing with your Google calendar, GOALS integrates more fully with your life and the lives of those in your closest circle.  Until (or even if) Franklin-Covey, maker of the highly touted and used Day Planner, make it to the Android Market, GOLAS ToDo should be tops on your electronic organizer list.

Price: free to try, or 9.99 Euros (about $12.35 US) for the full version.

App Authors Email: [email protected]

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