Motorola i1 Chrips In Official Statement Of Arrival


You know how CEOs and PR firms talk about being innovative and pushing the norms in order to get good press and make your product more marketable and hopefully that direction is a good one. Android has not only been the OS behind highly sophisticated super phones like the Nexus One, Droid Incredible, and the EVO 4G is also on lower end phones that are also pre-paid. And now to further it's reach, we have heard many rumors for a while now about Android running on one of Motorola's own iDEN Devices.

iDEN, just a refresher, is Motorola's Integrated Digital Enhanced Network, which was commonly seen on Boost Mobile products and commercials as well as on Nextel's, now Sprint/Nextel, products as well. That familiar chirping sound is what is commonly associated with it. Okay, now on to the good stuff, which is why we're here.


Boost Mobile has finally announced their iDEN device named the Motorola i1 and will be arriving on their network, and BestBuy, on June 20th. This phone is packing a 3.1 inch HVGA display, 5MP camera, Android 1.5 (I know, sad face), Bluetooth, and WiFi capable. This phone may not exactly be known for it's features, but this is the first Android phone to be on their iDEN network with their push-to-talk-chirp feature. Another leap for Android and just another product to fit the needs of the consumer.

This phone will go for around $349.99 and $399.99, give or take final sales price, and the steep price is also because with the pre-paid phone service there is no contract bind that the buyer is required to sign for a discounted price. This also entails unlimited calling, texting, and data plans for roughly around $50 a month, though for a lowered end pre-paid device, this phone looks like it could hold its own just fine.

Features of the Motorola i1:


-Touchscreen smartphone

-Powered by Android OS 1.5

-5MP camera with autofocus, flash (for the camera), and video


-WiFi capable

-Email Exchange, Gmail, MSN, Yahoo! (and possible other email services)

-Nationwide push-to-talk-chirp


-Opera Mini 5 and stock Android browser

-Stereo Bluetooth

-2GB microSD card (phone supports up to 32GB)



-SWYPE keyboard