More Unofficial Official Upgrade List for FroYo


There will always be, and especially now, a need for status on all Android updates and whether or not the many Android phones out there will receive it or not. Much like a gift from the gods, we wait, create commotion, hype things up, all in hopes in receiving some attention from the big green robot god in the sky. So it should be no surprise that through most social media networks and forums there are tons and tons of questions surrounding the latest issue, will my phone get FroYo?

Given that only Motorola has compiled a full list, even those still pending their next upgrade, but that is only regarding Android 2.1. HTC on the other hand has declared that if they made your phone in 2010 that it is highly likely that you will receive Android 2.2.


Sadly that still leave some people wondering exactly what will happen to their phone and the only bit of hope that they have left is through rumors as there is nothing official yet. Not for many of us, because most official word at this point is still speculation.

Though thank you to our friends at Android Central and PC World who have managed to put together a list of Android phones and their "status" regarding the Android 2.2 FroYo update.

Phones "for sure" to get FroYo:


-Nexus One

-Motorola Droid

-HTC Droid Incredible



-MyTouch 3G

-MyTouch 3G Slide


-HTC Desire

-HTC Aria

Phones not receiving FroYo:


-T-Mobile's G1

-Samsung Behold II

Phones that are still under evaluation:


-Motorola Devour

-HTC Droid Eris

-Motorola Backflip


This is once again speculation and hear-say as there is not an official document or statement regarding the upgrades and the phones. As we've seen and learned with the Behold II recently, both carrier and manufactures have a lot to say in these upgrades. Needless to say, that if most Android fans who write for websites and own these devices every phone would get FroYo and probably every update after as well. So until then, all we can do is be patient and continue to listen for new rumors and possible updates.