Milestone XT720 Gets a Spec Boost

June 11, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

In the wake of the disappointment with Motorola’s weak Milestone specs, Motorola has decided to listen and give you what you asked for. No one really wanted 256MB of memory along with a 550MHZ processor in a day when 1GHz and at least 512MB are becoming standard. While this phone may have sold just fine with the early specs, Moto decided to give this unreleased phone a boost. You now get 512MB of ram and 720MHz on the processor for your money. Motorola said the phone was capable of these speeds, but to help you with your battery decided to downclock the processor. So the “premium multimedia” pretense of the phone is now more realistic. And to top it all off no mention of a later release date. So those in Europe keep looking for it this month. If you are in the US, well no one knows yet.