Market Millionaire, Play Money Real Numbers

Isn't it funny that Stock Brokers, the guys who invest your money and make more money for you or loose money, call the game "playing the stocks"? Well, with Market Millionaire, now you can play the stocks too right from you Android phone and seat of choice. This application/game is a near-real-time stock market game that uses data from the real world into the pocket world in the app. You of course don't have to worry about burning a real hole in your pocket, or secret bank account, because it's all virtual monies that have no real-life consequences in what you invest in.

This game is a multi-player game that not only allows you to play along side or against fellow Android users, but also with our iPhone counterparts. You start off with $100,000 bank account and it's up to you where you put your funds into and just like in the real world, the bigger the company you wanna invest in, the bigger the buck you have to put out. The way that this game figures out exactly what's going on, is through charts and news posts through BusinessWeek, MSN Money, The Wall Street Journal, and other news sources that have the stock market information to share to the general public. The news though is only viewable based  on the stocks that you browse, rather than a dedicated new section or ticker of sorts.

The game updates frequently with actual stock status and performance which really helps in making you feel like one of those big shots out there wheeling and dealing tons of money, and who knows, maybe even ring that shiny bell. The fun part about this game is that you actually get to play with money, and the better part is that no matter what you do you don't have to pay for it, good or bad. There area also two versions available out there on the Android Market, Classic and Enhanced, so check them out and get the one that suites your inner stock broker desires.

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