Leaked FRF72 Build Still Not Official Froyo Release

June 23, 2010 - Written By c.alexander

You may have caught wind of the recent leak of Android 2.2 build FRF72, and while it is the latest build of Froyo, it isn’t quite the final release candidate. That’s the word from a Googler posting to the http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/android/thread?fid=488da0ef21660d1300048994d2e4bf4c&hl=en&hltp=1Nexus One support forums who insists that the “Android team is feverishly working to get a final version out the door.” Strange that a final OTA release has yet to strike or even get a release date considering the new OS was officially announced over a month ago. Add in the fact that Korea is seeing a Nexus One that comes with Android 2.2 as its stock OS and we’re left scratching our heads wondering exactly when the rest of the Nexus Ones world-over will be treated to a refreshingly cool dessert on these hot summer days.