Kayak Flight and Hotel Search – Planning your Vacation

June 9, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

App Name: Kayak Flight and Hotel Search by Kayak

Description: Get Hotel Deals, Cheap Airfare and Book Cheap Tickets without Fees.

How it works: The initial screen gives you multiple options to choose from i.e. flights, hotels, cars. It also has selections for Trips, Status, Airlines, Fees, Feedback and Buzz.

When doing a flight search you can narrow the search by ‘Cheap’ ‘Short’ and ‘Soon’ at the top of the search.  At the bottom of the search you can filter by stops, airlines, airports, times and price.

The Trips button allows you to view any upcoming trips you have planned through Kayak and you can sync it with your calendar.  The Status button is for tracking flights. You can input airline, flight number and dates. The Airlines button gives the airline’s phone number and a link to their website.  The Fees button gives fees info on baggage, food, pets, unaccompanied minors and seat assignment (if any.) They also gave a feedback button which is a nice feature. If you register it will auto populate your email address.

The Buzz button is an interesting feature that allows you to input a destination and a current or future month going out 11 months into the future to track best fares.  It gives you a graph for ‘absolute best’ and ‘average best’ prices within the range of that month you selected.  Clicking the next button at the bottom will go to the next following month and so on.

They also have a Twitter button which will take you to their Twitter page.

There is a desktop widget for seeing fare alerts.  However, frustrated comments on the market state issues with adding fare alerts to the widget, so it may still be buggy.  I was able, after a few attempts, to add a fare alert.

Opinion: This is a fairly good app for fare searches and also if I were to plan trips via Kayak.  I really like the Buzz feature and I also like how everything you need to research fares is here such as info on contacting airlines, fees for all the airlines, and fare alerts (when it is working.)  I also like how you can search hotels and cars also.  Since there isn’t an Expedia app yet this is truly the best vacation planning app for the Android right now.  I hope the widget issue can be resolved because you will be able to track fares right from the desktop would be a great plus.

Ratings :

  • Speed (4/5) – Several searches went pretty quick and going from feature to feature went very smoothly.
  • Features (5/5) – Plenty of them and all the features you would need from an app like this.
  • Theme (4/5) – follows Kayak’s shutter theme which adds to its overall look. Would look cool animated though.
  • Overall (4/5) – nice app that offers all the options you would look for in a flight and hotel search app.


  • Multiple searches options for all aspects of travel: Flight, Hotel and Car.
  • Through search.  Had over 200 choices for most searches.
  • Desktop Widget


  • Widget still needs work (though glad to see they have one)
  • While it did have good sized searches, I could find cheaper flights elsewhere.

Conclusion: Outside the issues with the widget, this app is solid.  Searches can be filtered based on a lot of options to fit your needs.  And don’t have to look for all of them at once -if you just need a car rental and not a flight to go with it, you can do that.  I think with some future updates the widget issue can easily be addressed and this app will on the top of trip planner’s search apps. Now if this app could only help with asking time off work for a vacation.