Exclusive: Interview With Rohan Shravan CEO of Notion Ink


  • Where does the name Notion Ink come from?

The first thing we all do when we get any idea is to write it down. Its the first and the most important step between the conception and realization of our dreams. We want to become this exact enabler which will help people convert their notions into a reality, to become their Notion Ink.

  • The ADAM is the first device shown that contains Pixel Qi's low-power, dual-mode display, why did you go with route?

For us tablets are more than just a media consuming devices. They will replace every individual object we see around, your computer, your table, everything. Even the name will change to portray something closer to Ubiquitous Computing (our first short term name when we realised there is already a company with this name). We realised the use cases and reading and power was one of the most important element of this new generation of computing.

  • You also chose to put an NVidia Tegra processor in the ADAM, why is this?

Tegra is one of the beautiful SoCs around. Low power, high performance and the possibilities of CUDA. What else can one ask for! Moreover we will see a shift from serial to parallel computing. Better start from a H/W platform which can leverage this. But we are also working on other platforms.

  • Dual-Core ARM® CORTEX -A9 MPCOREâ„¢ Processor is the processor you went with, will this be changing? or is this the model everyone will get?

There can be more models, we will announce soon.

  • The ADAM can run on one of three operating systems correct? Chrome OS, Ubuntu and Android? Why the choices? (I personally love it)

Officially there is no choice. But who can dare working against the hackers or geeks! It will be tough to shift, but yes, you can.

  • You've fitted the ADAM with either a 16gb or 32gb storage, plus anyone can stick an sd card in there and add to that, will there be other sizes?

You will have memory as an option. For us, memory needs to be free and user must take a call on this.

  • I've read there is an accelerometer and proximity sensor as well as ambient light and water sensors. How do all these play into what you want to do with the device?

There are generation and series of devices and each one will take advantage of each. There is a huge inter-relation of UI and these sensors, but I should be tight lipped here.

  • The camera on the device is a swivel camera, facing the user or friends. What do you think that will get used most for?

Scanning documents. Taking photos. Imaging a 10 inch touch screen to select focus area, shoot and edit while taking images! Live video recording of lectures, taking notes over the videos, and lot more.

  • Also, with a swiveling camera, will the ADAM be able to support things like Qik, UStream and KnockingLive?


  • What networks/providers are you looking at to put the device on for its 3g service?

This information is not yet in public domain.

  • Is Adobe Flash Integration something you are still working towards?

Yes, its already achieved.

  • There is a microphone and camera built in, will you be able to record videos if so will they be able to upload via youtube and other sites?


  • WLAN – 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth 2.1 A2DP, and WWAN – 3G HSDPA are all supported, what made you make the decision for all three and will it effect the cost of the device?

There are 2 variants Wi-fi only and wifi + 3G Both are of different series and hence of different prices (as should be expected)

  • Will the Full app store be usable on the ADAM

Interesting developments here. But right now no. Adam comes with its own App store called Genesis.

  • Will the ADAM be capable of supporting Firmware Version 2.2 also known as Froyo?


  • The ADAM will support a webkit browser, so it will be similar to Google Chrome then?


  • What version of Android will the ADAM run?

Always the Latest

  • When making the ADAM, were there other operating systems considered?

Yes, but after rigorous study, Adam became the de facto OS of choice.

  • Will you be able to do everything you would be able to do on a linux distribution on the ADAM, such as terminal and downloading programs via terminal

There is no Linux distribution on Adam supported officially. But answer is yes.

  • What versions of Ubuntu/Linux will it be able to run?

Ask the hackers

  • When you were making the ADAM ADAM, was it just an idea to beat apple or was it in planning before the ipad?

The idea came when I was 10. So probably the seed was there. And I started in my final year of bachelors. iPad was not officially known to anyone.

  • Does the success of the ipad worry you or excite you?

It excites. The world is full of opportunities and infinite possibilities.

  • How do you feel about the ipad not supporting flash?

There is a limit to which one can be arrogant. And there is a little difference seen between arrogance and vision. May the image become clear sooner for the good of everyone.

  • Will the ADAM be able to fully support HTML 5?

Not full, but most features. We are constantly working to support more and more features.

  • What are some of you plans for the future?

Adam is not alone!

  • Is there a solid release date or a time frame that the ADAM will be released?

Unlike other BIGGIES we are a start-up. Took our time to get the visibility, created a good case in front of the investors and closed the investment. This took its own time. In the meanwhile S/W gained maturity, to time was used preciously. There are few very beautiful stuff we have done on the UI and S/W.
There are 2 concepts. First is, launch it ASAP, capture the market, become the KING, and Kill the competition. Second is, this is our first product, our future depends on it. Its not about the initial market, but the sustenance, brilliance, and competing in future with BIGGIES. We are not one product company. We have taken a calculated approach on the launch.

  • How do you feel about all the other tablets out there? There are so many now.

Water, Water everywhere, not a drop to drink. Seriously, which one has got the eco-system?