Google Voice Integrated into Gmail?

June 11, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

If you are like me, you use Google Voice extensively. In this case any updates to the system are welcome news. Now the rumor is that Google is testing Google Voice services within Gmail. Instead of relying on a handset to make your phone calls you would get a pop-up with a dialpad, contacts, and their current credit balance on their account. If the rumor is true, then this could be a very clear step in the direction of VoIP for Google Voice, and maybe even the possibility for VoIP on Android soon. TechCrunch stated in April that a desktop app for GVoice could be coming soon, this could be the application they reported. There is certainly something going on, if you log in to gmail and try creating a tag called “voicemail” you get an interesting message. Go check it out.