Google TV should be ready for the Fall

June 22, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

If you paid attention to the Google I/O Conference last month, then you’re probably already aware of Google TV. Even if you didn’t watch the I/O you may have come across Google TV on the web, but just in case you didn’t, here is a quick summary of what to expect. Google TV will integrate its search function into your home television. The search function will simplify the process of finding your favourite TV shows. Through your HDTV you will have full access to the internet through Google Chrome.   This will be done via a set-top box (if you don’t buy one of the new Sony TV’s which will have the technology pre-installed).

Logitech has announced that they are developing a set-top box to work on the Google TV system. They are calling the box the Revue. As Logitech puts it, “the meaning of Revue is a type of multi-act theatrical entertainment that combined music, dance and sketches – wildly popular between 1910 and 1930.” This is to symbolize the many functions that Google TV offers (it’s more than just your average cable).

One of the most interesting features is the announced smartphone application for your Logitech Revue. The smartphone app will be created for both iPhone and Android. The Revue and smartphone app use Harmony Link technology which will translate commands into IR signals that can control many electronic devices.

Pricing has not been announced yet for the Revue, but it is expected to launch at under $500 with some speculation that it could be nearer to $200.