Google Says No Official Froyo ETA

June 11, 2010 - Written By Mike Corbett

A while back at IO Google officially announced Android 2.2 codename Froyo. They told us what it would do, showed us how it performed and they made us want it more than ever!

Well a few weeks ago some people got that wish as an RC candidate found its way into hands of a few people who distributed it to the masses, now its all over, however, its not quite as stable as we would like and there are a few things missing here and there.

As for an official update that fixes all these things and changes things up, we have no idea, sitting in the dark, but recently some word has surfaced.

Information has been sparse since then, but Ian Douglas found the following quote from Google employee ‘ben1010’ on the Android support forums:

Hi everyone,

I feel your anxiety, and though I’d love to give you all a definitive date, that’s not possible, because there is no date. What I mean is, it’s not that there’s a Froyo release ready to go, and we’re holding it back, or waiting for the right time to release it. That’s not how it works. Software development is an iterative process, and each release candidate goes through extensive testing.

Sometimes, the testing exposes issues introduced in the new version, and the release gets delayed as a result. And so, although we know that we are pretty close to having a final build, we won’t be sure of the release date until it arrives, and at that point the release goes out to the public without any further delay.

It’s a bit like a baby — the delivery date is a best guess, but if the baby has other ideas, we all have to wait …


So basically this is the age old tale of, when its done, it is DONE. Kind of defeating in a way, makes you wonder exactly when we will see something, it could be tomorrow, a week from tomorrow or mid July for all we know!? Hoping its more like the end of the month but its just too hard to say. So keep an eye out and make sure to check that version updater in the about section of your phone, I certainly know I will.

If you aren’t that persistent, just wait for us to say something. We got your back.

Source: Android Support Forums