Google Pushing Froyo OTA to Some Motorola Droids

motorola droid froyo3

More Froya news keeps pouring out, for a while we've known that the Android 2.2 will be coming to Droid next month, but it looks like it might be coming a tad earlier than we had expected, at least for some lucky owners. This is only a rumor at the moment, but with more of a circulation now, it seems far more like reality than fiction. It turns out Google is handing out Froyo to a certain set of Droid users over the air.

That is pretty much all the knowledge that was rumoured, but at least the info is on track with meeting the July date they released. With reports of the finalized build of 2.2 leaking out now, the rumored OTA update for some DROID owners is more than likely very real. Any one of our Droid owners out there get their own OTA update?