Google Pulls Questionable Apps

google android

Google prides itself on its unrestricted Market for downloading apps. It was recently made aware that in order to keep this free Market, Google must have the ability to not only disable apps from running on your smartphone, but also to completely uninstall them. Some people may take issue with this but most may feel reassured knowing that someone was looking out for malicious apps and doing something about them. Imagine a dummy bank app came out asking for your account numbers and pins promising easy access to multiple banks. In this day and age when identity theft is a real and growing concern, one cannot be too careful when handing over the keys to their personal information. The iPhone App Store screens all of its apps through a rigorous approval process, the chances of installing a malicious app on the iPhone is a lot less. But think of all of the great creative apps that we don't get to see because Apple deems them either to be infringing on something they'd like to do or the author wanted to develop a third party API and wasn't allowed. Google's Market allows for an open exchange between developer and end user. And if that means that they have the ability to uninstall apps from Android based phones, so be it.