Froyo GDE Theme, Get the 2.2 Look the Easy Way - Android App Review

App Name: Froyo Theme for GDE by goldenarmZ

Price: UK£1.50

Description: GDE Theme inspired by the pre-release screenshots of Android 2.2 "Froyo". This is a 2nd generation GDE theme including the new dock.

How it works: This is a theme for GDE. This theme applies a Froyo-like feel to your home screen. This app does not have the centered dock like the Froyo (check pictures below.) Instead still keeps the current v2 GDE dock format but with a slight change, the access apps button is now at the right of the dock and the Add button is at the left of the dock. This app includes a slighly shadowed search bar and dock bars as well as a custom Analog Clock. This app does not include custom icons (the developers says he will have them available soon.) To use this simply open your Appearance settings and on Theme select from the list (after you've installed it, of course!) This theme supports HD and MD screen resolutions.

Opinion: This is a simple skin that definitely looks better than the stock GDE white theme. The wallpaper that comes with this theme is a simple one (plants/grass) and customization is minimum since, like a said before, it does not have custom icons. A theme without custom icons is nothing more than a wallpaper, a skinned dock and a skinned clock. Still, this theme will make your Android device look very nice. A very noticeable downside is the file size... 4.1 Mbs!?!?!? That's a little bit too much for such a simple theme.

Ratings :

  • Speed (5/5) -  Performs well. These themes run on top of the Home Replacement so they shouldn't be a problem. I had no FC at all.
  • Features 5/5) -  Still crippled.... needs custom icons.
  • Theme (5/5) - Does what it says, as it says and makes even old G1's look nice and modern.
  • Overall (5/5) -This theme looks nice but still needs some work done.

Pro: Looks nice. Black shadowed dock effect.

Cons: 4.1 Mbs!?!?!? This theme is too big, I don't want to imagine size with custom icons. Needs Custom Icons.

Conclusion: If you like the new app drawer icon (Nexus Like - Froyo) get this, this one has it. Even though it looks good it still needs to improve but it might become a very nice theme. Let's wait and see what the developer's up to.

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