Froyo Android 2.2 Coming to HTC Magic

June 24, 2010 - Written By Chris Yackulic

You might know T-Mobile’s myTouch 3G as the HTC Magic, depending on where you are from. You might even know it as the DoCoMo HT-03A  , but whatever you call it, the chances are it won’t just be the name that differs from country to country, because the firmware does too.

There is very little in the way of technical differences between the various incarnations of the myTouch, so it came as quite a surprise to discover that whilst it runs Android 1.6 in most of the world, in Canada, they are stuck with 1.5, although not for long we hope. The myTouch is due for an upgrade and, as one of Android’s most enduring candy-bars, we think she deserves one.

T-Mobile USA have promised such an upgrade and, with Google stating that there is no support for 2.1 on that particular model, this can only mean one thing, Froyo.

France’s SFR have already promised it for the Magic and although some may disagree, the myTouch and the Magic are essentially the same phone. Suggesting that the rest of us may be in for a similar treat. One enterprising Androinica reader got a member of Vodafone’s eForum Team to admit that talk of a 2.2 upgrade was “confidential” and you know what they say about “no smoke”.

After the Dream, the myTouch is HTC’s oldest Android handset and it was the first Android powered Chinese language device. Let’s hope that this long anticipated injection of “magic” keeps it on the shelves for some time to come.