Finger Bowling, do not spare the strikes: Android App Review

App Name:  Finger Bowling by Bluesky Studio

Description: Play bowling with your finger. When a frame starts, the ball is placed in a random position on the lane automatically. Put your finger on the ball and flick to hit the pins. The angle and speed of flipping determines the motion of the ball. Upgrade for more challenges. You get 2 balls per turn. Try to get the highest score in 10 frames. The total score is the sum of three parts, in tilted and twisty parts, there is an acceleration adjustment horizontally. You will need to adjust the angle and speed to correspond to the value of it.

How it works:  Finger Bowling is a simple title. When the game begins the bowling ball is placed at a position on the screen that you probably didn't want to begin with. You flick the ball with your finger towards the pins to do your level best to score big. As you increase the levels the game added tilted speeds horizontally where you are forced to adjust your flicks to hit the pins more effectively.

Opinion: Now first and foremost a game like Finger bowling should have some sort of background music. If I recall correctly, there was a title for Neo Geo called league bowling and that had background music that continually played until you turned the game off. There was a funny looking guy cheering you on as you played the game. The game offered a power meter so you can adjust the power of your throw. Games that are heavily addictive have elements that draw you back making the replay value extremely high. Though it has sound effects, Finger bowling has that potential but it starts with a foundational soundtrack. Music moves us and triggers moments, events and emotions. Great soundtracks like Mario and Zelda are still popular today because of this. Where Finger Bowling lacks in user controls, it makes up in the simplicity of game play.


  • Speed (4/5) -  Very Smooth
  • Features (4/5) - Tilted and Twits angles keep it interesting.
  • Theme (4/5) - Bowling is a sport.
  • Overall (3/5) - It will do for a short ride.

Pro:  Simple enough to keep your attention.

Cons: No background music and you cannot control the ball.

Overall: Finger bowling is a good title that will give you an escape from those boring conference calls.

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