Farm Frenzy, Farm the day away - Android Game App Review

App Name:  Farm Frenzy by Alawar entertainment

Description: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run your own fully working farm?  Looking after chickens, sheep, cows, producing cakes, wool, butter and cheese.  If you fancy giving it a go without having to get up at the crack of dawn every day then Farm Frenzy is the game for you!

How it works:  Farm Frenzy is a very cute farm title. The object of the game is to raise farm animals and process goods that they produce to get money and do that cycle all over again. Keeping a healthy grass is the key to raising your animals because they need the grass to stay healthy. When you are in game, you have to pay close attention to your well and your funds because you do not have an unlimited supply of water. To buy water you have to make sure the animals produce and from there you can keep your farm growing. The game is built on objectives and every round you play has a specific one. Some will focus on getting a certain amount of goods while others will request that you have a certain amount of animals to finish the objective. The animals are pretty self explanatory in that chicken lay eggs, sheep returns wool and the cow gives, you guessed it; milk. There are dangers to your farm such as predators which will scatter your animals and destroy the goods that you are producing. When the predators show up you have to cage them by hitting the screen wherever they are located. You can also get cats and dogs. The cats will assist you in collecting goods while the dogs will do their level best to keep the predators away. When you are selling goods, you have a truck that transports the goods into town and brings the goods back which can be a little time consuming but rewarding. If you ever wondered about the daily tasks of a farm worker, you can start with this little frenzy.

Opinion: I never really got into Farmville or any game like that but I can see where they can get addictive. Farm Frenzy is objective based game which lures you to stay focused to the current task at hand. The music in the background is upbeat and pleasant. The graphics are acceptable for a farm game. The sound effects are great. When you are in the main world there is a bird that pops are in the corner of the screen which I think is pretty cool. I do not believe you can go wrong with this title even if you do not play any farm games. Enjoy!


  • Speed (4/5) - Farm Frenzy is smooth and the menu is very responsive
  • Features (4/5) - Point and click arcade game play. Objective based tasks.
  • Theme (4/5) - Farm the day away!
  • Overall (4/5) - Cute title and very well done.

Pro:  Very interactive and engaging.

Cons: none.

Overall: target="_blank">Farm Frenzy is a great title for all ages.

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