EyeSight Controls your Android Device without a Touch


It seems like the innovation will never stop. Android control just may be getting out of control here. Science fiction is becoming reality. The latest software coming to Android will now allow you to control your Phone using motion rather than touch. Motion which is detected through your phone’s camera.

EyeSight Mobile has developed this technology to enable you to  navigate GPS menus, go through your music, change your phone’s audio profile, etc. without touching your phone. As Android devices with forward facing cameras continue to proliferate, this will open up an excellent venue for EyeSight to get their product out to the public.

The numbers of Android-based MIDs in cars will continue to increase and this technology will make them safer as you won’t be distracted by having to find a menu and touch the correct place on a screen. Combining this technology with voice control would greatly enhance the ability to control devices and vehicles touch free. However I wouldn’t want to have to chose between one or the other. The combination would be great.

According to CEO Itay Katzeye, “A good technology is an invisible one. eyeSight’s Touch Free Interface technology for Android-based devices introduces exactly that – a new level of interaction that is natural, intuitive and simple to use. Users are looking for ways to ease, improve and enjoy their day to day interaction with their mobile phone, ideally aiming to gain effortless control of the device’s applications and functions, which is where eyeSight’s solution comes to place.”

We will have to wait to see how it works or how well it catches on, but this is a great idea to run with.