Droid X's MultiTouch Keyboard Ported to all 2.1 Phone


Within a few hours of the availability of the droid X dump, someone over at XDA- developers was able to port the new multitouch keyboard to all phones. Since droidX runs Android 2.1 currently, some Froyo users have reported various issues including force close. One of the greatest things about this port is that you don’t need root to install this keyboard.

It looks stunning and with the multi-touch you can hold a button while pressing another, something which is not available with any other current keyboards. If you’re wondering what the use case for something like this is, may we suggest the Shift key.  It’s not all roses yet as haptic feedback doesn’t work for now.   Give the developers some time and they’ll figure something out!

If you’d like to try it on your 2.1 device, you can download the .apk file from 4sharedmegaupload |xdadeveloper forum

After installing, go to Settings > Language & Keyboard, check the “Multi-touch Keyboard” option. To type text in, long press the text box and select the “Multi-touch keyboard”. You’re up and running.