Cliq And Backflip Owners, Motorola Has Not Forgotten You

June 23, 2010 - Written By c.alexander

Good news for CliqCliq XT and Backflip users — Motorola has set up mailing lists for you to stay abreast of the news about your Eclair (Android 2.1) update.  Again, Moto is using the phrase ‘whenthe 2.1 arrives’ and not if.  You’ll need to be a member of the official Motorola forums (see source link for details), and you can sign up here:

Cliq update newsCliq XT update newsBackflip update news

No dates are given (of course) and I’ll stress again that we have no idea when you’ll get your update.  Head over and get signed up! [Motorola Owners’ ForumThanks Jahntassa!