Charge your Droid X and Stream HDMI Video to Your TV at the Same Time

silicon cases

If you are planning on getting the Droid X next month then there is a good chance that you'll be taking advantage of Verizon's $199 offer, with the $100 rebate that comes with a two-year contract. If you are, and you're considering getting a some accessories with those saved dollars, then hop along to their site and check out some of the goodies that Motorola have to offer.

Most impressive has to be the docking station or, to give it its correct title, the HDMI Multimedia Station. This neat little tool lets you stream video to your TV while you charge your new phone, and all for a tidy $49.99.

Add a further $39.99 for the car mount and another $19.99 for the HDMI cable and then hope you've got $19.99 left over for one of their snazzy silicon skins which come in a range of four striking colours. Not to everyone's taste perhaps, but they do protect your phone and if you're that worried about what people think of you then you should probably go buy an iPhone.