Be Alarmed – Better Alarm Clock Android App Review


App Name: Better Alarm Clock by Better Android.

Description: Enhanced version of alarm clock app from Android 2.1

How it works: Simply put this is a clock app with quick select options for viewing pics, listening to music and setting alarms like a Droid dock app.  Right from the main screen you have dedicated buttons for alarms, gallery and music.


So when you are ready for bed, who needs that clunky big alarm clock that just buzzs you till you can find the snooze button and want to toss it across the room?  Now you have a good reason to have your trusty Android phone right by your bedside.  If you have a good belt clip that pops out a stand (my MT3G came with one) you have an instant clock. And you can tap the screen and it changes to neon for when the lights are out.  It also tells you how charged the battery is and if you are plugged in or not.

It gives you the option of changing the time, date and weather fonts (if you have downloaded any font packs from the market) and gives an option to take to the market to find font packs if you haven't yet.  You can also change the neon color too.

The dedicated buttons for the pics and music just bring up default screens to view your pics and listen to music so nothing different there.  For alarms you can choose between ringtones and your own music to wake you up.


Opinion: As with a fair amount of Better Android apps, it is done very nicely and doesn't take much to customize it to my liking which was a big plus.  I had used Bedside before this, however Better Alarm Clock is more customizable, plus it is free.  Bedside doesn't have a free option.

Ratings :

  • Speed (4/5) –   works pretty fast.
  • Features (4/5) –  all the features you'd expect and ability to customize fonts and colors.
  • Theme (4/5) – simple but effective.
  • Overall (4/5) – good speed and features makes a decent alarm app.


  • Alarms with ringtones AND music.
  • You can change fonts (including size of fonts) and colors.


  • Ads block a big part of the screen when setting up alarms.
  • No option to ramp up alarm volume.

Conclusion: This app does have some pluses not available with other alarm apps like Bedside and it has a free app option with ads so it is definitely a good alarm app.

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