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I love the BBC's iPlayer and I don't mind admitting it. I'm not being patriotic, nor am I generally in favor of public service anything, but the Beeb produce some of the best television and radio on the planet. Their iPlayer web app streams nearly all their television and radio output for a week or more after broadcast. That's over 500 hours of telly and over 1000 hours of radio. What's more the TV programs can be downloaded (often in HD) and watched at one's leisure.

The catch is, that if you live outside the UK you probably won't be able to use the service. I would suggest that you move – and then get a phone with Froyo (Android 2.2) which you'll need to run the Flash 10.1 based software.


I don't have 2.2 yet (yes, shameful I know) but I visited the scaled down mobile site using the Android SDK and an emulator just to see how the CPU coped, and as you would expect, it gave it quite a work out, enough to put a sweat on anything less than a 1GHz chip. I imagine a good internet connection would be a must too for the live video streams, WiFi  should be fine, but I'd love to hear if anyone's tried it on 3G.

So, once you've moved to the UK, settled in and bought yourself a new phone, find yourself a nice spot in a  park, make sure you have your umbrella, and enjoy the latest Dr Who.

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