AT&T HTC Aria Hitting Some Stores Early


So much for a release date, right? Originally scheduled to go on sale June 20th (and we're sure AT&T's still sticking to that date), it looks like a few lucky stores out there in the United States have begun to get their hands on the new Sense UI device. Thanks to a tipster, who managed to grab quite a few shots of the new device, unboxed, we can confirm that at least one device, somewhere, made it to a store and broke cover early.

We can't say for sure that it's everywhere. In fact, we put a call into our local AT&T retailer, and they told us they didn't have any in. We figure that means they don't have any to sell to us, not that they don't have any in. But, it's pretty much the same thing for us customers. That doesn't mean it's not in your area, though. So, if you're interested in the 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen, Sense UI, and Android 2.1 on a device that's crippled from third-party application downloads, then here's the device for you. Just get ready to spend $129.99. Check out our hands-on, too, before you make your judgment call.