Another HTC device out of stock

Whelp, I am back again with more out of stock/delay news! It's very clear by now that Samsung is having problems producing enough AMOLED screens to meet the demand of all of these new phones. This shortage has caused Verizon to delay shipping of their newest android device, the Droid Incredible. It has also caused U.S. Cellular to delay their newest android phone, the Desire, until they have more in stock. The other phone being plagued by HTC's problems with getting components is the EVO. If you attempt to buy an EVO online you will get "Sorry, this device is so hot we can't keep it on our virtual shelves. Check back later- more are on their way!". What is strange about this is that the EVO has a different screen size than the Incredible, or Desire. So what do you guys think, is Samsung having problems producing AMOLEDS in general, or does the EVO have a different component HTC is having problems acquiring?

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