Android Phone or iPhone 4? Apple can't compete with Android Anymore

This week has been full of huge announcements such as Droid X and product releases with the new iPhone 4 hitting the streets yesterday. As I sit back and reflect on what has been going on, I took note of something big. Even with the iPhone 4 hitting the streets yesterday, Apple and AT&T are starting to lose momentum.

Think about this. There was so much build up, so much hype about the iPhone 4. This was going to be the next GREAT iPhone that trumped all other phones. But does it really? Let's look at this a little closer. Earlier this month, the EVO 4G hit stores and has been very popular. It even rivals some of the features of the iPhone 4. For example,one of iPhone 4's big selling features is the forward facing camera for video chat. What you don't know is that you and the other caller have to be on a WiFi connection or it will not work. The EVO 4G has this same feature, and it will work on 3G AND 4G network. Since we are on cameras, the iPhone 4 has a 5 megapixel camera while the EVO 4G and the new Droid X have 8 megapixel cameras. Also, Swype is not offered on the iPhone. I'm not saying Swype is the best program but it is gaining popularity. At least offer a beta version.  Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying Android phones are perfect. I'm saying that Apple is losing its competitive advantage as Android phones continue to come out with better features.

There are two HUGE shortcomings for iPhone in general. The first is that it is a hugely popular phone. There were people waiting in line for many hours to get the new iPhone 4. Before long, they were gone, sold out. These delays and limited shipments really annoy consumers and iPhone owners who want to upgrade. It might just annoy some of them enough to go elsewhere, and they should. iPhone was so big when it first came out. It was the first of its kind and everyone wanted one. Which leads to the second shortcoming. AT&T and Apple have the exclusive agreement where AT&T was going to be the sole provider for so many years. In todays world with all of the two year agreements us users have to sign, it is costly to break a contract just to switch carriers because of a phone. I for one will not do it. It is all about money and AT&T paid a lot for the right to be the only carrier to sell the phone. This agreement also frustrated many because they want to buy the iPhone but do not want to switch carriers. But you know what? This is the world we live in now. All of the carriers are doing it. It will not go away. Verizon, at least another year before we can bring this up again.

Those people who do not want to wait for a new shipment of iPhones to come in and those who want the iPhone to be available with their provider, need to come and check out an Android phone. Android phones are coming out left and right. We have the EVO 4G, the Droid X, the Galaxy S and the Droid 2 all making headlines. Guess what folks, new Android phones are coming out STRONG and actually beating the iPhone with features. The EVO 4G just coming out and the Droid X being announced the same month the iPhone came out were done for a reason. To show how strong Android has become. It is still early for Android but they are proving that they are a force to be reckoned with.

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