Android Opinion: 5 Misconceptions about the next Iphone


1) The Name. The Next Iphone is the Iphone 4 and Not the Iphone 4G. Although it is the 4th generation of the Iphone, the folks at Apple want to distinguish this iphone from it's previous counterparts and also distinguish it from any Iphone in the future that may utilize 4G (LTE) service. @thedroidguy thinks this is a responsible move on the part of Apple to help eliminate the confusion stemming from the name of the HTC EVO 4G (not a 4th generation of a device but a device that runs on Sprint/Clearwires 4G/Wimax Network)



2) Facetime is not a 3g program. In all the glory of the Iphone 4 release most people walked away from the initial launch address or tech pundits blogs thinking that Facetime meant you could be on the subway, or in your car and facetime chat somebody. While you can do this with the Sprint EVO utilizing Fring (with best results on a 4g signal) it is not yet available on 3g. There is a disclaimer at the bottom of the apple website that clearly states that Facetime requires a wi-fi connection.

3) The Iphone 4 will NOT be coming to Verizon Wireless nor Tmobile any time in the immediate future. There is no clearer way of saying this except IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN

4) The Iphone 4 Launch has been delayed to July 14th. Actually this is incorrect. If you place your order online, as many early adopters do, those units will not ship until July 14th. The launch itself is still June 24th however stores are expecting campers and to sell out very quickly. Pre-ordering at the store is over now it's first come first served.


5) The Iphone 4 will multi-tasking. This is true out of the box for some of the Apple OS4 apps such as: Clock, Mail And Safari however app developers will need to incorporate multi-tasking into their apps. A number of game developers feel it's not neccesary to incorporate mulit-tasking because who would want to multi-task during a game. As a result out of the 200,000 apps available in the Iphone App Store only a very small percentage will be able to multi-task. Unlike the Android OS which builds multi-taking capabilities into the OS, virtually since release 1, Apple Iphone 4 users will still find that while playing their favorite game or heck even farmville, on the iphone 4, that call may still shut the game down.

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