Android 2.2 Froyo Coming Next Week?


Ever since the announcement of Android’s 2.2 FroYo code release, many people have eagerly been waiting for the official announcement that the code will pushed out to Nexus One devices. In fact, many thought the official OTA would be released last week.  That of course didn’t happen, and now AndroidGuys has information that leads them to believe we’re going to have to wait just a little bit longer.

From their source inside Google, AndroidGuys is reporting there is still at least one build of Android 2.2 higher than the current FRF83 that is being worked on. This mystery build has been sent as an OTA to a small group of devices. It’s speculated that this small build could just be for non T-Mobile Nexus One phones, and that FRF83 will be the final for most people.

Either way, AndroidGuys is confident the official OTA will be here within the coming week. If all this waiting is driving you nuts, you can always manually update your phone using the guide found HERE; you can have FroYo running in less than 5 minutes.