Android 2.2 Coming to Droid X Later this Summer


At today's announcement it was revealed that the Motorola Droid X would be shipping with Android 2.1 and an updated version of MotoBlur. But don't fret, because Motorola isn't resting on getting Android 2.2 up and ready for the handset, promising that it will hit the device later in the summer. When asked whether or not the inclusion of MotoBlur would adversely affect the release schedule of an update, Motorola's Sanjay Jha responded that they are "diligent" about getting the update out to the handset.

Google's Andy Rubin was quick to chime in, "we just open-sourced it today. That's when everybody says, 'Go!'. That just happened today." His faith in handset manufacturer's and developers is obviously not stirred by the mishaps that have befallen previous OS upgrade for nearly every handset that has received one.



Let's just hope the time frame of "later this summer" doesn't push into fall and maybe even winter â€" a distinct possibility but seeming unlikely. I'm guessing they really want to have Android 2.2 ready by the Droid 2 launch, which is rumored to be coming towards the end of the summer months.

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