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App Name: Aloqa – Always Be Local

Description: Aloqa was founded in May 2007 in Munich by a group of computer science PhDs specializing in scalable multi-body position tracking and location based services. The founders built on know-how from commercial financial modeling projects and advanced research at Munich's Ludwig Maximilian University. Since then, the Aloqa team has grown globally and built extensive internationally acknowledged IP, including several patents in process in the fields of mobile communication, mobile services, position tracking, and location services. An app that helps you find things around you in an much easier way.

How it works: It uses GPS to find out where you are and then finds different things around you.


Opinion: Really handy, tells you where things are from coffee to fast food and even shopping. This app then even goes and uses Facebook to connect as well! This is pretty nice, and does a good job. This does bring search to mobile in a way that is hard to match. Using it on my ally and droid is very easy as well, not hard at all. Adding channels is a breeze as is taking them away.

Ratings :

· Speed (4/5) Fast app, finds what I want


· Features (4/5) Nice features, adding facebook integration was a NICE choice

· Theme (4/5)It has a lovely UI. Just works very well. Its smooth, it looks great.

· Overall (4/5) – Just a good app to get for finding things around you, whether you are a local that has had years of experience in the area or are if you are a visitor, not really sure where you are. Whats goin on? Where to sleep? What to eat!



  • Find what you need
  • Find things quickly
  • Get whatever you need via GPS
  • Tells you RIGHT where places are
  • The UI is quick
  • Can't forget the widgets


  • Could uses its own restaurant database. Not Yelp

Conclusion: This app is smooth, its awesome, fun to use and easy. Quite a fan of this and can see myself using it MUCH more in the future. I will use it when I go 600 miles to Denver later this summer as it will be useful for food, drink and anything else!


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