Zeam, fast and lightweight home replacement / alternative: Android App Review


App Name: Zeam by zeam.org

Description: A fast and lightweight home replacement/alternative

How it works: Right after installation, press the home button and it will automatically prompt you to choose which "home" you would like to go to. Tap Zeam, and you will see the new home replacement.


Opinion: Very sleek and clean, which is always good with many first generation users out there trying to make as much room on their phone as possible without loosing their personal touch to their phone. I love that it has an Android 2.2 like dock at the bottom of the home screen and I'd have to say my favorite part of the app is the drag and drop to uninstall!


-Doesn't take up much space


-Doesn't have the heavy sluggish feel that some other replacements

-Android 2.2 like dock at the bottom

-Drag and drop uninstallation


-Many home screens

-Ability to see all home screens at once for navigation

-Offers ability to see the phone full screen (no notification bar)



-Lacks landscape mode (The dev. is already working on this though)

-Can be a little big sluggish as times


Conclusion: A great way for Android users to start playing around with home replacements, this home replacement is crisp and clean and best of all there is no charge for it! So you can use your funds for other more important things, that can't but personal style. The ability to jump around from home screen to home screen that is a blend of the Nexus One and Droid Incredible is magnificent, especially for all those users out there desiring such a feature on their phone. I like this more than OpenHome because its free, isn't a memory hog, has an FroYo feel to it without added icon packages, and most of all it's not gonna kill your internal memory. I think that anyone looking for something new, yet simple, should go check out this application before investing in any other replacements. There are no adds either, so when you download it go rate and give some feedback to the dev. to make it all the more better for you!