XScope: The First MultiTouch Browser, Android App Review


App Name: XScope Browser

Description: The First multi touch browser, faster than the stock browser and a good alternative


How it works:

There is a brief function tutorial here: http://sites.google.com/site/xscopefaqs/

1.       First release: Nov 23, 2009. The first multitouch web browser in android market, although slipped notice of major review networks


2.       Three ways to zoom:

  • Unique one finger pin-zoom
  • Pinch to zoom (multitouch)
  • Double tap (n-tap to be precise, continuous  tapping = continuous zooming)
    • The one finger pin-zoom is 100% original and only available at xScope. Please refer to this YouTube demo video (Please excuse my horrible video making scale):



3.       Tabbed browsing

  • Swipe left/right big to switch to next tab
  • Long click a link to open a new tab
  • Click on active tab to close it

4.       Toolbar, also called address bar, is scrollable. Scroll left or right to access all commonly used buttons, including favorite toggle (star), url box (long click to share), stop/refresh, forward, tab switcher, history, find, and copy.


5.       Default in fullscreen mode. However the notification bar can be easily swiped down to reveal at anytime.


6.       It has a build-in file explorer and task killer. With the file explorer, you can zip a folder, and attach any file to email.

7.       It has all kinds of user settings support, such as user agent, full screen mode, and default zoom scale. It allows user agent per domain setting too.

8.      Share screenshot! Not just url.


9.      Option to download videos (such as YouTube or Vimeo), and other type of files)

10.    For the Sunspider Javascrit speed benchmark, it consistently beat the stock browser, as much as 30% on a Droid. This is due to its extremely light overhead.  For example, there is one external link: http://www.nexusoneforum.net/forum/nexus-one-general-discussion/2485-xscope-fastest-browser-sunspider-benchmar.html


This is very repeatble so you can perform the same test on your phone.

11.       It supports themes so that users can have totally customized look and feel of it.

My Opinion: It is fast and has some better features than your original stock app, from what I have seen of dolphin, this is better. I still like stock as well as this, I have trouble deciding which is my favorite. Both are so good, both look great, I think I am leaning towards xscope for the tabbed browsing, and some of the good features


  • Very Cool, very usable alternative to stock
  • Downloading videos is great!
  • Saving pictures
  • 3 Ways to zoom
  • Easy to use, simple look
  • Webpage for support and preview of the browser.


  • I would like to see more free themes
  • A better stock theme would be great

Conclusion: Over all this is a pretty good app. A good alternative to the stock browser and something else to look at when you are making a choice.  I like it and will continue to use it when I can. It has a lot of cool features that I will hold on onto and use.

Bar Code:

About xScope browser:

There is a brief function tutorial here: http://sites.google.com/site/xscopefaqs/