WoW Armored Armory : Android Game App Review

World of Warcraft is a popular MMORPG enjoyed by lots of gamers around the globe.

This app, brought to us by Airology, is a neat app that allows WOW gamers to search and view characters, arena teams, items and upgrades. It also shows guilds for character profiles, stats, and items. WoW Armored Armory is in public beta status, but Airology states more features are on the way.

The initial app screen is just a search screen.  It will ask for your region i.e. Americas, Asia, Europe etc. first and then you can dive into searching for whatever characters or items you want to find. Just below the search field it has a cool feature with 4 icons for Characters, Arena Teams, Items and Guilds that you can bookmark what you find.

A search for 'Guilds' gives tab options for Characters, Arena Teams, Items and Guilds. Selecting one of the characters shows the name and the level/class type of the character.  It gives a detailed breakdown of stats and items have icons on the sides. Doing another search for 'Swords' brings up a lot of choices under the Items tab.  Selecting one of the items, the screen breaks down any possible damage it can cause, any ability enhancements, required levels to carry the item and where it is in the game.

Personal Opinion:  I like the richly done avatars and icons.  If I was more of a gamer this app would be a must have.


  • The search field right at front of app allows for very broad terms to locate things.
  • Easy use of icons showing items and attributes for character/item which are richly displayed.
  • Bookmarking so you don't have to look for them later again.
  • Clicking on the icons within a character/item's info and it will show details about that particular item or skill.


  • It's still a beta app so it might be buggy. But I didn't have too many issues as I played around with it.

Need for improvement: Widget feature would be a nice add on in the future.

Conclusion: The app is a nice companion to WoW.  Being that WoW has so many aspects to it, it's good to have something to keep track of things that can give you an added advantage and be more competitive in the game. And even though it is in some ways a niche app the Android community does have a fair amount of gamers.

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