Where: find and discover the places and people around you: Android App Review


App Name: WHERE

Description: Its a location based app that lets you find cheap gas, play a game (guess where), check in, find where you are, lets you know the weather and a few more things


How it works: It uses GPS to find things around you and then lets you know where they are in coordination as to where you are

Opinion: Its useful for quite a few things, say you are traveling, first you want to know the weather, sucks to drive in the rain, did that in Kentucky! So you check the weather, looks good, you smile and then your stomach rumbles, you are hungry, you forgot to grab that granola bar! Dang! Well no big, you have money and Where can tell you where restaurants are. Hmmm, can you make it to a restaurant though, your fuel is low, oh, check for the closest/cheapest gas stations as well! VERY HANDY!


Ratings :

· Speed (4/5) Its fast, it runs well. Can't complain, they did a good job

· Features (5/5) It has many features, sometimes more than what I know what to do with, but its a good thing.


· Theme (4/5) – Its cool, if you don't like it, you can change the background. Not sure I like how the buttons looked after they are pressed, but its a very minor thing

· Overall (4/5) – Its a good useful app, it has purpose! I would use it way more if I traveled and when I do go to my friends house In Colorado soon, this will likely be on my dashboard as the app of choice!


  • Tells the weather
  • Lets you know where to get cheap gas
  • Lets you know where restaurants are
  • Has a built in game
  • Has a built in chat
  • Traffic is also there
  • They just updated it


  • The buttons kind of look weird after pressed
  • The widgets were slow for me

Conclusion: Its a cool app. It does a lot and it does it well. If you are a traveler, WHERE is one you should download, if you are new to the area it does a great job helping there to. The app serves many purposes and does them very well. Its a good one to have on your phone no matter how you use it, even if its for one of the many services

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