Vampires Live, Join a Pack and Kill : Android Game App Review


App Name:Vampires Live by Storm8


Description: You start as a vampire low life, and you have to rise up in a pack of vampires, gain levels by sucking blood or doing crime and killing the victim.

How it works: Its text based. You press buttons that do tasks. Its pretty explanatory as to how it all works.

Opinion: I can see why people like this game, its addictive, I am a level 4 already and I just started playing, I WANT MORE LEVELS. Its pretty insane, being a vampire isn't for me, but I have played this style of game before, its just like the facebook and myspace games. I think the sound effects are a nice touch as well. Just not for public use


Ratings :
· Speed (5/5) – Its pretty fast. I mean its text based, what could be slow?
· Features (4/5) – Sound effects, easy to learn, easy to level up
· Theme (4/5) – It keeps a gothic style theme throughout the whole game
· Overall (4/5) – Can't complain much. It does what it says it does.


  • Its kind of addicting
  • Good UI
  • The sound effects are pretty fun as I mentioned, adds more than just sitting or standing and clicking buttons
  • Its more fun than I thought


  • I think it should be harder to level up
  • The sounds are a little loud when you are trying to just be quiet

Conclusion: For free, this game is probably worth it if you are looking to waste a bit of time here or there. I mean its free, and its addicting and its a time waster. Its kind of what everyone wants in a game. Its also nice because its a good game, if you are not in the mood for a puzzle game and just want mindless easy stuff, this is for you. If you like myspace or facebook games, this is for you.

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