TMZ, Stay Up to date on Celebrity Gossip : Android App Review


Possible Title: TMZ, The App That Bring The Thirty Mile Zone To Your Phone

App Name: TMZ by Warner Bros.

Description: Find out the latest breaking entertainment news, videos and photos from Whenever entertainment news breaks, wherever you are — TMZ on your Android gives you an all-access pass to the latest info on your favorite celebs. It's all free and updated throughout the day.


How it works: Open the application to begin searching around for the latest celebrity scandals, gossip, and anything else that could possibly occur from them.

Opinion: This application is very well loaded and allows the user to be able to navigate it as if it were a webpage, and has great functionality to keep the user posted with their latest celebrity gossip.

Ratings :

  • Speed (3/5) –   Took time to load the content, which is understandable as all data is on the web
  • Features (5/5) –  Lots of features, videos, photos, feedback, and even tips to give the TMZ crew
  • Theme (3/5) – Theme is very consistent, but nothing to eye catching
  • Overall (4/5) – Lots of features, content, and information


-Lots of videos and photos

-Ability to add news stories, photos, and videos into a favourites category


-Ability to share stories/articles as well as the application itself

-Ability to provide feedback directly through the app

-Ability to give tips to the TMZ crew



-Slow due to constantly having to fetch content

-Not very appealing to the eye


-Slow transitions going between menus

Conclusion: An app for those who are inclined to be in the know with all their celebrities and those making nationwide headlines for all sorts of deeds. It is great that you can see photos, articles, videos, have favourites, and share stories with others through all sorts of mediums makes this application a must for TMZ fans and those interested in celebrity affairs (no pun intended).