The HTC Droid Incredible Review, That's Incredible!

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I got the HTC Droid Incredible Friday night (fri the 14th of May), I haven’t been this excited for a package in quite a long time, I opened the box up and found a little piece of heaven inside, heaven with a 1ghz soul! Heaven with a lot of internal space to use, heaven with plenty of RAM. Needless to say that this phone rocks and I was excited to use it. The thing is smooth, sleek and easy to use.


This phone looks GOOD. I opened up my small white box to find it sitting there, just hanging out, BIG screen, it actually as big as my droid but since the phone has a different looks, a bit smaller feeling, it looks a LOT bigger. Its very smooth and clean and I like it a lot, my only qualm with it is there isn’t a dedicated camera button on the phone at all, a bit sad, but I can handle it, I just put the application for the camera on the main home screen, 1 of 7 might I add. The screens are fluid and work great. The 1ghz processor does its job.


This phone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1ghz processor and, an 8 megapixel camera and it does fine. The optical joystick tossed me for a loop a bit, but I got the hang of it after a second, still don’t use it a lot because I am just not needing it, haven’t had one. I will give it a few more days and report back on this matter. I used the 3.5mm headset jack today and it works great, the sound quality is great, just a nice unite. On the outside of the phone on the left is a volume rocker and nothing else but a power button up top. Kind of sucks that there is no dedicated camera button but I get by. Inside you also get 512 DDR MB RAM, 1 GB ROM (748 MB free to user) plus 8 GB of internal.


This Screen is pretty good. It seems like when its at its darkest it doesn’t seem to work as well, but thats not really the screen. I have it in mid light range right now and it doesn’t seem to be effecting much. Its nice and bright and works in most settings. Its a 480 by 800 Amoled Capacitive touch screen, very nice and works amazingly, had no goof ups and no problems. The touch aspect works right and feels right.


1300 mAh, lithium-ion; 5.2 hrs talk time; 146 hrs standby time. And it is doing well. I have been testing it pretty strong today (Saturday the 15th) and it has been going strong.

Operating System

This phone has 2.1 in stock. It also has HTC’s Sense UI and is fast, fluid and works well. It works with all the 2.1 widgets and apps, including the new twitter app, its synced with my new gmail account that I set up for the phone and any other demo phone I will get. The UI is just nice and fast and works awesomely with the operating system. I have encountered no issues with it. The apps that come with this phone are awesome and are for Sense and 2.1, great!


Again, I mention the Sense UI. Wow, it really makes this phone the best and next awesome thing coming up. Just great. The other great thing with the software is all the apps that come with sense, the widgets. The Sense UI is great on this phone, the best use of Sense to date, mostly because of the processor and extra ram. Sweet stuff and very smart.



For one the camera and calculator stand out above the rest. The calculator is really nice, if one direction it is a normal calculator and then in landscape it changes and makes a better calculator, really cool. The camera is just awesome, works better than most I have seen. The widgets such as friendstream and this day in history are cool. They work so smooth and with sense its the only firmware that allows the widgets to scroll with in the widget, like friendstream I can scroll through my twitter feed.

Key Board

The stock graphical keyboard that you get with this phone is comfortable and nice. It feels good and is easy to use. I really like it, there is no hard keyboard and so the soft is what we get and it works well. Barely even need a hard keyboard, functions really well and is just awesome with out. I am surprised that it feels so good because I am a hard keyboard guy. This is a good keyboard, HTC did a really good job on this one.

Web browsing,  camera and video

The web browser on this phone is a tad different than the stock android browser, same idea, loads the same, feels the same, but it looks and acts slightly different. It looks good, I really like it and wish I could use it more often. Its an awesome browser, it comes with flash lite as well and that is probably one of the most awesome parts of the HTC Sense UI, viewing a good amount of flash content within the browser on an android phone or any mobile phone for that matter is awesome. The camera is really smooth and works great, it has a different looks user interface, it feels really smooth and I like it a lot, I know a lot of people that want this on all phones. As for the video, I have been using qik for video and then it uploads to youtube and it works out very well. The video is clear and looks good.


Call quality

I have had no problems with the call quality, it works great, the speaker phone works, the microphone works and the speaker works as well and is great.


  • The Sense UI, wow
  • The phone looks smooth, very round and clean
  • The widgets, all the widgets!
  • Great Camera and Video quality
  • The optical joystick is smooth, works like a trackball
  • 2.1 OS


  • No Dedicated camera key
  • No Hard Keyboard

Conclusions and final thoughts

I am very glad to have got this phone. It is nice, and works just like it should, at a price point of $199 at the Verizon Stores, it is well worth it. It is already available and is just a great phone, there are so many features and the Sense UI works, the phone has multi touch and the phone has tons of features that use it, multi touch works through out the whole OS. 2.1 integrates with this phone and works with all the widgets that come with 2.1, plus it is really fast, really smooth as well. Faster than a lot of other android phones that I have come in contact with. If this phone came with a keyboard, I would think of selling my droid for this, that is my only flaw that has me keeping my moto droid. This really is an awesome phone and very worthy of getting.

Hand holding phone with Android Headlines logo Tomorrow's Tech, Today's News
Hand holding phone with Android Headlines logo Tomorrow's Tech, Today's News